Yesterday (24 November) the Grammys rolled out the 2021 nominations. For the first time ever the Best Rock Performance award is made up of female artists or female-fronted acts, but the Best R&B Album nominations failed to nominate one R&B album by a female or non-male artist.

Ant Clemons, Giveon, Luke James, John Legend and Gregory Porter have been nominated for the 2021 Best R&B Album Grammy Award.

Teyana Taylor, who released her incredible LP The Album in June, has taken to Twitter to vent her frustration at the 2021 Best R&B Album nominations. She wrote, "Y’all was better off just saying best MALE R&B ALBUM cause all I see is dick in this category."

One Twitter user responded to Taylor's Tweet, writing, "...meanwhile every singer nominated in the Best Rock Performance doesn’t have a [aubergine emoji], what’s your point?" Taylor responded, "My point is MY POINT. I said what da fuck I said. It shoulda been some WAP’s in tha R&B category. Instead it was filled with a bunch of [dick]’s, Now stay outta black women business."

The Weeknd also vented his frustration at not gaining a single nomination for the 2021 Grammys yesterday (24 November), writing that the awards "remain corrupt".