It's been three years since SZA released her last album Ctrl, and while she has featured on a number of tracks over the past few years - most recently on Justin Timberlake's "The Other Side" - fans are still eager for SZA to release her own music.

After multiple teasers in 2019 that a new album would be arriving soon, SZA is still yet to give an update on that, but it seems that she's now focusing on a collection of unreleased tracks. SZA wrote on Twitter yesterday (25 March), "So like a music dump .. similar to a photo dump but not an album .. this concept make sense to anyone? Has anyone ever done it ? Asking for me."

A fan responded to her tweet writing, "an EP", which led SZA to reply, "Nah an EP is like four-five songs .. a music dump would be like 20 from over the course of the last six years."

This morning (26 May), SZA responded to those asking about the deluxe edition of Ctrl, writing, "never said the Deluxe was dead y’all asked what HAPPENED to it lmao I jus said I kept it pushing n never put it out by mistake."

Hayley Williams shared her cover of SZA's "Drew Barrymore" on Instagram yesterday (25 May).