According to NOW Toronto, the city's X University will bring in a new course from early next year as part of the Selected Topics in Media course that will give students the opportunity to study Drake and The Weeknd in detail.

The new course, titled Deconstructing Drake and The Weeknd, will be taught by author and journalist Dalton Higgins.

Higgins told NOW, "On the U.S. college and university scene there are all kinds of courses being taught about rock, folk, pop artists like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen – so why shouldn’t there be a course about Drake and the Weeknd right here in Toronto?"

He added, "On American college campuses, there are easily more than 300 hip-hop courses being taught about artists like Jay Z, Outkast, Beyoncé (there are a lot of Beyoncé courses). Many Ivy League universities including Harvard and Cornell, have fully embraced hip-hop education, so we can do the same here."

On Instagram, Higgins wrote, "Nevertheless, it's time to get our Canadian rap & R&B icons recognized & canonized academically or otherwise. And it is CRITICAL for scholars, historians, to examine the Toronto music scene that birthed Drake/Weeknd and helped create the conditions for them to become mega successful."

Drake's latest album Certified Lover Boy landed earlier this month, and The Weeknd is currently finishing up his follow-up to last year's After Hours record.