"When They Come For Me" and "Get Lost" follow Spielbergs' March single "Brother of Mine", which will also feature on their Vestli album with 2020's "Go!".

Singer and guitarist Mads Baklien says of "When They Come For Me", "Sometimes I feel like I am right on the verge of going crazy. It’s like I don’t recognise myself in what I say and do. And sometimes I feel like one day, inevitably everything will come crashing down."

Vestli will follow Spielbergs' 2019 debut album This Is Not The End, and saw them reunite with producer Tord Øverland-Knutsen.

Baklien adds of the album, "The songs on Vestli are all more or less about a feeling that there is no way to go. No escape. You are dealing with issues in your mind, regrets, shame, fear, should haves and could haves. No way out. Maybe you don’t like who you are or who you have become. You are stuck with being you. You are dealing with a lot of pressure and noise in your everyday life, and all you want to do sometimes is just to leave everything behind and find a quiet place somewhere to start a new life. But you can’t. You have commitments and responsibilities. You’re going nowhere. And now on top of everything, the entire world seems like an out-of-control aeroplane with a bunch of fucking nuts behind the wheel. And there is no way out. You carry the place you grew up inside you your whole life, for good or bad. Vestli is the name of the suburban borough in the north-eastern part of Oslo where both Stian and I grew up. You can leave Vestli but Vestli never leaves you."


  1. The New Year’s Resolution
  2. When They Come For Me
  3. Every Living Creature
  4. Go!
  5. Kano GM
  6. There Is No Way Out
  7. Goodbye
  8. Me and My Friends
  9. Brother of Mine
  10. Get Lost
  11. George McFly
  12. You Can Be Yourself With Me
"When They Come For Me" and "Get Lost" are both out now. Spielbergs' Vestli album will arrive via Big Scary Monsters on 19 August, and is available to pre-order now.