Speaking about the track, the duo's Rebekah Raa said that “’Marry’ was one of the first songs we wrote for the album, and is kind of about about getting out of your comfort zone and saying no to something familiar and easy in favour of moving forward.  It started life as a slower Twin Peaks / Julie Cruise type of song, which we reworked into something darker and more slinky to fit with some of our newer songs on the album.”

Water is out 18 May via Kissability/Algebra. It follows 2013's Hope/Satin/Glass/Dreams EP.

Stream "Marry" below, and then check out the album's tracklist afterwards.


1. Water
2. Nocturn
3. Dear
4. Trouble
5. Melt
6. Skin
7. Leave
8. Laws
9. Marry
10. Raven