"We’ve never been this excited about releasing a new record and we have poured every ounce of energy, soul and creativity into it," the band say of the new record. Their first album in three years, and their first with drummer Tommy Davidson, The Haze is released in March.

"We wanted to get back to the spontaneity of the first record, to just hang out and have fun and see what happened," bassist Robert Lee explains of the records inspirations. "So we wanted to take ourselves away from our usual practise room, find a new space, both literally and metaphorically, and just immerse ourselves in music for fun once again.”

"Basically, we wanted to go with our guts and fuck everyone else," frontman Tom Hudson adds.

Decamping to a cottage on a dairy farm in rural Wales with "no internet, no emails, no-one checking how we were getting on," guitarist James Brown describes the experience as "writing for no-one but ourselves. We became like a little family - cooking for one another, building fires, holding late-night karaoke competitions - and completely immersed ourselves in the music."

The announcement is accompanied by the album title track (which can be streamed above). "We had to have 'The Haze' as the album opener - it gets down to business pretty quick!" Hudson states. “One of my favourite sections on the album is the Kraut-rock-vibe middle eight in this track."

"We wrote and demoed it in our 'middle of no-where' Welsh writing session," he continues. "The weird atmospheric sounds at the start of it were recorded outside the lodge we were in. There were these giant whirring fans and birds tweeting everywhere. The bell that opens the album was this little brass doorbell that was hanging up in the porch too."

Pulled Apart By Horses tour the UK in support of the new album through March and April. Details of the upcoming shows can be found here. The tracklisting for The Haze can be found below.


  1. The Haze
  2. The Big What If
  3. Hotel Motivation
  4. Prince Of Meats
  5. Neighbourhood Witch
  6. Lamping
  7. Flash Lads
  8. Moonbather
  9. What’s Up Dude
  10. Brass Castles
  11. My Evil Twin
  12. Dumb Fun
The Haze is released via Caroline International on 17 March and is available to pre-order now.