Princess Nokia - aka Destiny Frasqueri - is following up last year's 1992 Deluxe with an new collection of emo/rock/metal/alternative-inspired tracks. The title comes from Dance Gavin Dance song "The Robot With Human Hair Pt 1" - which she says is her "favourite song".

In an interview with DAZED back in February, Frasqueri revealed a lot about the tape: "it's not just a little touch of [emo] or it blended into hip-hop. It's real alternative music. There's no features, it's just me. But I do have Elijah of Phony Ppl playing guitar on it, and I've got the wonderful producer Tony Seltzer who did all the production except for one song. We're all New York City kids and metalheads so I just like to hang out with my friends and listen to our favourite bands and work together. It's really lovely."

Princess Nokia is playing a heap of shows over the coming months, with appearances at Coachella this weekend and next. Find out more.

A Girl Cried Red is out 13 April via Rough Trade.