Split between Stockholm and Oslo, Postiljonen have finally decided to break their two-year silence with new track "Chasing Stars".

Explaining their new single in more detail, the trio say, ""Chasing Stars" is about the longing for that someone who you used to be very close to. While the lyrics might come across very heartbreaking - there’s still a sense of underlying hope that someday somewhere you’ll be together again, chasing stars. It’s nostalgic as always. It’s the chasing that is the magic and essence, forget about the reaching. We actually started writing this song three years ago but it couldn’t come at a better time for us.”

"Chasing Stars" is the first new music from Postiljonen since last year's "The Somnambulist" and "Crazy" singles. Their last album was 2016's Reverie.

The trio have been working hard on their third album that's penned for release in 2019. They explain, "When making music for Postiljonen, it has always just been us three locked away in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, really. The whole world of Postiljonen is so personal to us and it is a world that we created between the three of us."

"Chasing Stars" is out now via Hybris.