Made up of Laurence Lafond-Beulne and Camille Poliquin, Milk & Bone released their debut album Little Mourning in March, although the pair had both been working in and around the Montreal scene for years, between them touring with David Giguère, Jason Bajada and Les SouersBoulay amongst others. Together they also provided guest vocals for Misteur Valaire. Poliquin’s musical history stretched back even further - at 12 she signed on to tour singing with a travelling Cirque du Soleil production for two years, travelling through Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

"Pressure" perfectly captures the duo’s skill at fusing soothing harmonies, pulsing synths and minimal production with pop sensibilities and immediate, memorable melodies. 

The session was recorded and Mastered by LANDR.

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Milk & Bone's 'New York' was featured on Oh! Canada 25.