The Bruce McMouse Show is part concert film, part animated feature, and follows a story of a family of mice living under McCartney's stage and their meeting with Paul McCartney and Wings.

The mice were originally sketched by McCartney, before Eric Wylam developed the sketches into the animation. The Bruce McMouse Show is directed by Barry Chattington and produced by Roger Cherrill. Inserts of live performances were recorded in 1972 during McCartney's Red Rose Speedway shows with Wings in the Netherlands and Germany.

McCartney and his wife Linda provided voiceovers for some of the mice alongside Deryck Guyler, Pat Coombs and Derek Nimmo.

The whole process of making the film stretched from 1972 to 1977, and was held in archives after Wings altered their lineup.

The Bruce McMouse Show will be screened at select cinemas across the world on 21 January, including London's Everyman Cinema in Hampstead. Find the full list of screenings.