After teasing their return on socials, the pop duo and couple have shared new of their follow-up to last year's No One Else Can Wear Your Crown album with the title-track "22 Break".

On Twitter, Oh Wonder wrote of their forthcoming album 22 Break, "We nearly broke up last year. It sounds dramatic, but it's the truth. 22 Break, maybe the first break-up album in history written and recorded with the person you're breaking up with. It's awkward, it's vulnerable, but it also saved us."


  1. Baby
  2. Down
  3. 22 Break
  4. Free
  5. Don't Let The Neighbourhood Hear
  6. Dinner
  7. Rollercoaster Baby
  8. Love Me Now
  9. You > Me
  10. Kicking The Doors Down
  11. Twenty Fourteen
"22 Break" is out now. Oh Wonder's album of the same name will be released 8 October, and is available to pre-order now.