Cloisters is Coxedge's debut by himself, and was announced with the lead single/title track earlier this month.

"Be" is a world away from the noises MONEY make - it's an immersive set of soundscapes that roll and writhe in and out of each other, flowing slowly between phases and gradually building beauty.

"The origins of 'Be' came from the initial period where I was first playing around with making music by myself," explains Coxedge. "I was experimenting with layers, textures, different sounds and loops, and working out what was possible both physically for me in a live sense, and sonically from the instruments available at the time. Of course, the music wouldn't have lasted if it didn't also evoke some sort of emotional response, which is ultimately the most important aspect for me."


  1. Cloisters
  2. Dust
  3. Pentreath
  4. Corrour
  5. Be
  6. Holly
Cloisters is out 26 May via Bella Union.