After a YouTuber shared that they love Lily Allen's music and that her "discography needs to be repressed", Lily Allen responded, writing, "i really appreciate lovely words like these. thank you."

Shortly after another fan wrote, "lily pleeeeease press your records on vinyl again!!! we are BEGGING!!!!!!" Allen replied, "if i owned the masters i would have done it long ago."

Allen added in the same Tweet, "i had nightmares trying to get things pressed on NoShame, wanted to do limited edition of singles but was told it was too expensive."

One fan wrote back, "Can you not re-record them like Taylor? Or is that really expensive to do?" Allen responded, "perhaps. maybe one day."

While responding to another fan who said they're "eagerly waiting for new music from you", Allen wrote, "thank you ! hopefully it won’t be too long now."

In November last year Lily Allen made an appearance on BENEE's debut album track "Plain" alongside Flo Milli.