It's been just over five months since Lil Nas X released his Nas remix of "Rodeo", and finally he's given an update on his highly-anticipated debut album.

Lil Nas X wrote on Twitter this afternoon (7 July), "Album's almost finished but working on a mixtape too. All producers send beats to [email protected]!"

The "Old Town Road" hitmaker hasn't given many updates on his debut album. In September 2019, while speaking to Angie Martinez on her Power 105.1 show, Lil Nas X said, "I wanna have at least 70 songs to choose from for making like the 10-15 track album."

On the potential sound of the LP, Lil Nas X added, "I definitely want it to be, I guess more personal, but still like, slapping."

The singer/rapper's debut EP 7 was released just over a year ago.

It's unclear if it'll go ahead, but last year Lil Nas X revealed he wanted to work with Fiona Apple on something for his album.