The LP is Liars' eighth in total and first since 2014's acclaimed Mess. It sees Angus Andrew head to his native Australia to write and record following the "amicable" departure of Aaron Hemphill.

As well as news of the "vastly new musical territory" that's set to take centre stage on the incoming record, Liars have a clutch of teasers that feature "new recordings from deep in the Australian bush". Together they spell "THEME", and each bears the blurb "LIARS RETURN. 2017" and the hashtag #TCFC.

"My favourite feeling is going into the complete unknown," explains Andrew in a statement. "What's the point in making something you know you can? My goal was to make creative decisions that keep me awake at night."

Check the teaser videos below.

Liars have already got a bunch of live dates planned for this summer in Europe and North America, including London's VISIONS Festival and The Rabbit Hole Festival in Stirling.

Liars' next record is due this August via Mute.