"Dissolve" is the latest teaser of the album, joining up with already-revealed jams "Downfall", "Nylon", and "Virtue".

"'Dissolve' was triggered by overhearing a bad Skype call in our hotel lobby in Cologne," Kllo’s Chloe Kaul explains. "The lack of intimacy led to a heated conversation. As soon as we went back to our hotel, I picked up the microphone and sang one of the lines I overheard and it went from there. There’s a huge disconnection when speaking through a screen, things can easily be misinterpreted."

Kllo head to Europe this autumn for a string of dates, with shows in London, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, and Nottingham confirmed. Find out more.


  1. Downfall
  2. Still Motion
  3. Virtue
  4. Predicament
  5. Last Yearn
  6. Backwater
  7. Dissolve
  8. By Your Side
  9. Making Distractions
  10. Too Fast
  11. Nylon
  12. Not Like Them
Backwater is out 20 October via Different Recordings.