"Back To You" is Kllo's first new offering since last year's "Candid".

Speaking about the tender new track, Chloe Kaul says, ""Back To You" draws influences from the early 2000s. We had an old school approach when it came to the recording process by incorporating cassettes for the ad-libs and an old sampler for the main riff. We'd spent some time in LA recently, and being there reminded us of the 'American sound' that we both grew up with. "Back To You" is a good insight into what's to come in our next body of work."

Discussing their recording process, Kaul adds, "We get together and usually start searching for an inspiring sound or a sample, then playing it with a beat, simple chords and a melody and gradually build a structure from there. It’s the most honest that way, therefore the easiest to make a song as we don’t overthink it or lose the initial feeling and become mechanical."

The duo are yet to follow up their 2017 debut album Backwater.

Kllo's new single "Back To You" is out now via Ghostly International. They play a sold-out show at London's Studio 9294 on 30 October after another UK show at Bristol's Rough Trade on 29 October. Find out more.