"Blank Page" arrives after September's lead single "Attack Attack".

Speaking about their new single, vocalist Koen Van De Wardt explains, ""Blank Page" was the first track we did for The Noise You Make Is Silent. We came home from a long tour through Europe at the end of 2017 and booked a studio in Amsterdam for three days to see if we could immediately come up with something fresh. After two years on the road we all felt that we wanted to have something a bit more up-tempo. Often during the live set we would look at each other and be like, "fuck, this is a slow song too". So for once we put the BPM up to 115 and started jamming out.

He adds, "When the first day was over "Blank Page" was already there from start to finish. We ended with a jam that lasted six minutes and the only thing we needed to do was to cut it down so that maybe someone would play it on the radio. It was the perfect starting point for the new record. We left everything we had learned during Close Eyes to Exit behind us and went straight on to try new things."

Klangstof's forthcoming second album The Noise You Make Is Silent will follow on from their 2016 debut Close Eyes To Exit, and is their first collection of tracks since their 2017 Everest EP.

"Blank Page" is out now. The Noise You Make Is Silent is due to arrive on 21 February 2020 via Mind Of A Genius. Klangstof play London's Colours on 26 March 2020. Find out more.