King Creosote - aka Fife-based Kenny Anderson - says it's about exploring "the tension and harmony between tradition and technology" and the feeling of "being caught between heaven and earth".

"I wanted to push myself songwriting-wise, so I went in with hardly anything and had to wing it,” Creosote adds. “I wanted to try and flip the clock all the way back to sound like a younger me – or a less cynical me. In the past, I've been fixated on twisting and wrenching every line, but here I've let that go a bit, and I hope that lets you concentrate more on the music; on what’s going on around it. I always feel I’m reaching for something, but I never get there, I wanted to get out of the usual places."

Astronaut Meets Appleman is released 2 September via Domino. It follows 2014 record From Scotland With Love

Check out "You Just Want" below.


1. You Just Want
2. Melin Wynt
3. Wake Up To This
4. Faux Call
5. Betelgeuse
6. Love Life
7. Peter Rabbit Tea
8. Surface
9. Rules of Engagement