FINAL UPDATE (?): "Real Friends" is on his website.

UPDATE 7.5: Scratch that, there's nothing.

UPDATE 7: Okay, it's just "Real Friends" now.

UPDATE 6: Listen to the tracks now!

UPDATE 5: False alarm, despite what he Tweeted.

UPDATE 4: IT'S BACK. Listen now.

UPDATE 3: There's a(n unofficial) stream now.

UPDATE 2: He's now deleted all evidence on Twitter and all the bootlegs are being deleted super quick.

UPDATE: As we were writing this, Kanye yoinked down both tracks for some reason. Stay tuned.

The first track is called "Real Friends" - it's an uncharacteristically sombre cut that laments the passing of time and was produced with Boi-1da. The second tune is titled "No More Parties In LA", features Kendrick Lamar, and was produced with Madlib. Whoa.

Listen to "Real Friends" and the "No More Parties In LA" snippet on Soundcloud.

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