In detailed interview with the Huffpost Live, rap producer Mike Dean has admitted to stealing and sharing posthumous material from the late Tupac Shakur.

Dean, who has been involved in every Kanye West album to date, admits to being involved in some of Tupac’s more controversial unreleased material that’s found it’s way into the public domain.

“After died, Daz Dillinger and I stole a bunch of reels from Suge Knight,” says Dean of the leaks. “We released like six songs that were really crazy talking.”

Along with talking about other controversial stories, Mike Dean made it clear that he was not afraid of the former Death Row Boss, Sugar Knight if her were to retaliate against him for stealing the tracks.

“I’m not worried about Suge,” he continued. “I came from Rap-A-Lot. They learned their gangsta from us.”

Mike Dean is currently working on Kanye West’s latest album Yeezus, dropping on 18 June.

[via FACT]