Following collaborations with Nicolas Godin, Free Nationals, Childish Gambino and more in recent years, Bonet has returned with her first new solo outing since 2018's Childqueen album, titled "For You".

Bonet says the new release is an ode to "showing up for yourself in any form that may take", adding, "I wanted to create something new for myself, not to overthink or be held onto a certain genre."

Speaking about the break from making her own music, Bonet explains, "My forced hiatus from music has created an urgency in brand redirection. I began making music to get to know myself and fortify connections, and in many ways, I have derailed from that intention. I reflect on my last few years as a recording artist and see someone trying desperately to fit the mold, despite making music that does not. To be pretty, to be liked, to be relevant, good, or accepted."

Kadhja Bonet’s "For You" is out now on Ninja Tune.