Arriving after last year's "Getting Burberry Socks", Jimothy's new offering "Getting Talkative" sees him reflect on stress, fighting away negativity, and obsessive and possessive behaviour.

"Getting Talkative" is co-produced by Jimothy, Toddla T, and Harley & Ferg.

The new single lands with Glenn Kitson-directed visuals that sees Jimothy surrounded by mini Jimothy's.

Speaking to Best Fit about his new single in a new On The Rise feature, Jimothy said, "This one’s a lot more different, it’s a lot more deep this song. It’s about what I’m going through in life at the moment..."Getting Talkative" is basically me explaining how a lot of people are talking a lot of the time, it causes me stress but I’ve gotta stay positive. Those kinds of energies ruin friendships and relationships."

"Getting Talkative" is out now. Jimothy will play Strawberries and Creem festival next month. Find out more.