This new single follows "Heartbreakfree" and "Encore". It's a lovelorn ode, with heady notes of rose-tinted romance and optimistic youth. In "Perfume", trippy beats and tinkled ivories merge with '80s pop synths to create something intoxicating and unfathomably catchy; the chorus is doused in R&B harmonies, and it's even got nods to Outkast, as Nilsson stabs in post-chorus with "So fresh and so clean!".

Speaking about what we can expect in the future, Nilsson mused: "Pop, R&B, handclaps, thematic lyrics and underwater magic mermaid sounds... I also hope you'll recognize some of the feelings I describe, hope it makes you want to dance and maybe cry a little. And I hope you want to keep listening."

The single is out now on our sister label, Best Fit Recordings. You can purchase it now on iTunes.

Stream "Perfume" below.