Last Thursday (1 July), on the latest episode of Jeff Tweedy's IGTV series The Tweedy Show, he opened the episode with a cover of Japanese Breakfast's "Kokomo, IN", and over the weekend Japanese Breakfast's Michelle Zauner saw the cover herself, and shared her reaction to it.

Zauner wrote on Instagram, "Words can’t begin to express how mind blowing it is to discover this vid of Jeff Tweedy covering "Kokomo, IN"."

She continued, "Wilco has been such a huge influence on my music for so many years. The arrangement of "Jesus, etc" was the elegant perfection we strived for when we were recording "Kokomo". The narrative arc of "Posing For Cars" and my need to solo for three mins was directly inspired by "At Least That’s What You Said". I freaking walked off the aisle to "She’s A Jar". I just can’t even handle it and had to share. Fuck."

Watch Jeff Tweedy's full cover of Japanese Breakfast's "Kokomo, IN" on Instagram now.