Earlier this month Janet Weiss revealed she had broken her right leg and left collar bone in a car accident. Weiss has been advised to take 12 weeks recovery time, meaning she had to cancel her forthcoming tour dates with Quasi.

Her sister, Julie Weiss, has launched a new GoFundMe page for her sister's recovery. Describing the intense recovery Janet Weiss is going through, Julie Weiss wrote, "Of course because Janet is a drummer, our first thought was that her bones have to heal completely before she can play again. Her biggest concern now is that to fully heal, she needs to have the highest quality and most intense physical therapy possible to get her back into drumming shape. That is the ultimate goal no matter how long it takes."

She adds, "We also need to be certain she has the care she needs so that she doesn’t fall and re-injure the broken bones. Her friends have already gone above and beyond in offering their time and care and Janet and Drew are blown away by that. But bracing for the three months of recovery ahead, we know there will be times when Drew has to be at work and Janet will need to schedule outside help. Because she will be in a wheelchair and out of work for at least 3 months, she will need help with the costs insurance doesn’t cover, like: out-of-pocket medical bills, nursing care, physical therapy, the wheelchair ramp that was installed at her house, and paying for her monthly expenses while she can’t work."

Julie Weiss goes on to stress the importance of her sister making a full recovery so she can get back to drumming, "She has said many times since the accident that she is so lucky to be alive and that she dreams of playing the drums again. Her attitude is strong, she will work as hard as she can to make this happen. Let’s face it, IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. But none of this is possible without some unavoidable costs and she could really use support from her community as she regains the strength to play the drums with the power and beauty we’ve all been so fortunate to hear over the years."

Janet Weiss contributed to Sleater-Kinney's new album The Center Won't Hold, which is out now. Visit gofundme.com to donate.