Jai appears with brother A.K. and collaborator Muz Azar in a new pic on Property Week about a rather interesting development regarding label/collective The Paul Institute - Jai, A.K., and Azar have "found a home" for the Institute and its staff at White City Place.

"The venture will house the institute’s growing collective of musicians, artists and technologists," reads the Property Week piece. "The centre’s aim is to support and nurture new British music talent. It will take space in the circular Rotunda building, which is a self-contained annex spread across two floors and used to house a BBC discotheque for staff. It will be transformed into 3000 sq ft of creative space for the Paul Institute to occupy."

Jai is pictured "for the first time in three years" - we're not 100% on that but it sounds about right; A.K. has been somewhat less camera shy, making a splash in 2016 with "Landcruisin'". Does this new (and probably very expensive) acquisition mean more is finally coming from the Brothers Paul?

See the picture and read the full post.