Norway, Sweden and Iceland, as well as every shade of pop, are represented by Apothek, Hey Elbow and DÍSA respectively. 

Apothek, AKA producer Nils Martin Larsen and songwriter Morten Myklebust, meld classic pop vibes with cool electro; Hey Elbow are well-versed in jazz etiquette and ruthlessly infectious hooks, creating expansive Scandi-sounds; Icelandic crooneur DÍSA glues heartfelt nuggets of humanity onto her mesmerising trip-pop constructs. It's set to be an emphatic celebration of pop, and some of the finest noises emanating from the Nordic territories.

Apothek, Hey Elbow and DÍSA will play London's The Lexington on 26 March.

Tickets are available here from a fiver.

Listen to each of the artists below.

Apothek - "Waiting For The Thunder"

Hey Elbow - "Ruth"

DÍSA - "Marry You"