"Demons", along with July's "I Wish", will both feature on Kiyoko's I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit project.

Hayley Kiyoko says of the new offering, ""Demons" is really personal to me. I had the chorus lyrics written in my notes "please forgive me I’ve got demons in my head, trying to feed me lies until I’m dead." There was something so haunting about it I wanted to try to turn it into something positive. I wanted to sing about mental health and battling the inner 'demons' many of us struggle with. But with a heavy upbeat track that everyone can sing and support you with. It’s so important for people struggling to realise that they’re not alone and I hope this song can play a part in sparking that realisation."

When announcing her I'm Too Sensitive For This Shit project earlier this week, Kiyoko revealed, "I'm going to release a collection of songs from now through [to] January. This project is dedicated to all these feelings I've been learning to embrace because they are what make me, well, me."

Hayley Kiyoko's "Demons" single is out now via Atlantic Records.