"A Drug From God" was first teased in June when Grimes shared a clip of Chris Lake playing their new collaboration at a live music event in Arizona, and today (12 November) the full, club-ready track has been revealed.

NPC is a new AI girl group from Grimes, and according to a press release, there's an infinite number of members, and each one can be voted in or out of the group aside from core members, which includes baby Warnymph.

The group will be a "vehicle for experimentation in new technologies" that include "generative characters and music, diff[erent] types of animation, ai assisted art as well as spiritual technology."

NPC will allow Grimes to create as other people as a way to "reduce the psychic pain of being in the public eye."

In September Grimes shared a new song on socials titled "LOVE", which was a response to recent press and "all the privacy invasion" she experienced following news of her split from Elon Musk.

Chris Lake and Grimes' NPC collaboration "A Drug From God" is out now via Black Book Records/EMI.