Earlier today (on his birthday, no less), Ezra Furman shared a post signalling the end to his collaboration with his band of five years, The Boy-Friends. "Who breaks up a band on their birthday?" you ask. Well, we'd like to think it's somebody with big plans for the future.

Ezra Furman has been hinting towards new material for a while now. Ever since he performed an iconic show at London's Barbican in July (one that he described as "my best 'solo' show I've ever had"), the musician has been teasing a series of written verses alongside grainy black images on his Instagram.

It's enough to make you think there's new music in the works. Or it was, until early last month, when Furman posted a series of cryptic tweets seemingly drawing a line on everything he'd worked on up until that point.

So maybe it's time for a new project instead? With The Boy-Friends now a thing of the past, the possibilities are wide open. A teaser of new music posted on Facebook at the weekend suggests that work on something new is already well underway.

So what will follow from here? We'll have to wait and see, but every indication seems to suggest that now's the time to start getting excited.

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