18 months after Wild Beasts announced their split, vocalist Hayden Thorpe has revealed something new on the horizon. Taking to his Instagram, Thorpe uploaded a new post with the title "Where You Been?", and has added a new website to his bio.

The link goes through to a one-page looped visualiser featuring subtle hover spots on the page that mutates the low rumbling voices and videos of hands with different text. The text delivers multiple messages, reading, "I'm a keeper of secrets, pray do tell", "I'll be your disciple, show yourself", "Living a fever dream, lost control", "You be my diviner, show me where to go", "Diviner, where you been?", and "You've been gone a long time".

The cryptic messages could be hinting towards a new album, and maybe the tracks are the messages teased across the page.

Thorpe has been quiet since the release of Wild Beast's final live album Last Night All My Dreams Came True that landed last year.

Visit divinerdiviner.com to view the visualiser and sign up for updates.