Last month Doja Cat revealed to MTV News that her new album will feature a variety of sounds including dancehall, afrobeat, funk and house. She couldn't give many other details, but did make some comparisons to last year's Hot Pink album, "It's very similar to Hot Pink in the sense that each of the songs do have their own kind of personality. It's not gonna be perfectly consistent, I've never been anyway."

In a recent Instagram Live, Doja Cat joined Fat Joe to talk about collaborations and her new album. While discussing her third album, Doja Cat told Fat Joe, "It's all ready. It's all ready. I hate that i'm holding on to it right now, I don't like this because everytime I go on Twitter, I go on Instagram I see everybody is like 'put it out, put it out', and I'm like I would, like, you have to plan things accordingly and there's a lot going on, so, to just drop everything tomorrow or in five minutes...yeah I'd love for you to hear it but you just can't be doing stuff like that."

She added, "They are gonna get an album that I 100% am ready to drop and I am overly excited."

She also discussed the artists she would like to collaborate with in the future, listing SZA, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Pharrell and Nicki Minaj.

Last month Doja Cat revealed that the acronym for her next single is "N.A.S.".