The band's new album - produced by bandleader David Longstreth at his LA studio - features guest turns from Empress Of, The Internet's Syd, Amber Mark, Haim, Rostam (formerly of Vampire Weekend), Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes), and Dear Nora. It comes less than 18 months after 2017's self-titled offering and is described as "the yang to the yin" of last year's release.

Lamp Lit Prose is also getting a deluxe edition on red and blue starburst vinyl - which also comes with a 16-page "libretto".

Dirty Projectors have a busy few months of touring ahead, with a long list of dates in North America in May and June before festivals across the world and headline shows in the UK in August. Find out more. As well as the usual rhythm section of Nat Baldwin and Mike Johnson, Longstreth will be joined by Felicia Douglass (percussion/vocals), Maia Friedman (guitar/vocals), and Kristin Slipp (keyboards, vocals).


  1. Right Now (ft. Syd)
  2. Break-Thru
  3. That’s A Lifestyle
  4. I Feel Energy (ft. Amber Mark)
  5. Zombie Conqueror (ft. Empress Of)
  6. Blue Bird
  7. I Found It In U
  8. What Is The Time
  9. You’re The One (ft. Robin Pecknold and Rostam)
  10. (I Wanna) Feel It All (ft. Dear Nora)
Lamp Lit Prose is due out 13 July via Domino.