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Soccer striker-turned-songwriter Déyyess is on the right track at last

08 January 2019, 11:04 | Written by Laurence Day

Kent's own Déyyess is riding high after finishing up 2018 with a bang - and she continues the momentum with a show at our new music festival, the Five Day Forecast.

Déyyess could’ve had a very different career - a skilled footballer from a young age, she was scouted by Arsenal Girls but decided to turn the opportunity down and focus on her music. “As much as I love it,” she explains, “football just wasn’t a career I wanted to pursue… with music you can give something that comes directly from you, a part of your own story to give to others.” And that ‘giving’ is a key point - Déyyess funnels raw heartache (“Most of my songs are about her…”) into her songs, melting emotive earworms and first-hand feelings into one great, glorious concoction.

Check out new(ish) tune "Escher Heart" below and get to know Déyyess via our Q&A afterwards.

Could you introduce yourselves for us please?
I'm Déyyess and I’m from Canterbury in Kent. I love football and music and chocolate... I started out in music by stealing my sister's ID to play covers in pubs when I was 15 years old. I started writing my own music a year or so later and now I finally feel ready to let it out into the world.

What do you try to do with your music and how do you achieve this?
I feel like with music, as well as any other artform, the goal is to create something that unites people through feelings and emotions. It can be joy, regret, empowerment... anything. I always try and give something or share something with whoever might be listening. Music really has the power to bring people together so if that can happen through me... I bet that is the best feeling in the world.

Can you tell us what musical and non-musical influences have shaped your sound?
My influences are pretty varied. Kate Bush is a huge vocal and melodic influence and so are Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd, and Halsey. Lady Gaga has had a huge influence on me personally. She is an amazing leader and has empowered so many people to just be themselves - including me. My biggest non-musical influence would be football. I loved football growing up, playing for my local team and in lots of tournaments. Being a striker is an art in itself. You have to work hard in a team to create a pattern to score a goal and keep trying if it doesn’t work, never giving up. The feeling you get when scoring a goal for your team is similar to how I feel when people love the songs I write.

What should people expect from your Five Day Forecast show?
It will be the first time anyone hears my new music so I am excited! There will be some big tunes and then some stripped back ones where its just me and a guitar.

What are you working on now/next?
I’m currently working to release lots more music! It’s been pretty crazy in the studio writing and recording and I’m really excited for what’s to come next, I feel like I’m finally on the right track with the right people who share and believe in my vision.

How is 2019 shaping up? What are you looking forward to this year?
The beginning of last year wasn’t great but it’s been on the up since April. A change of management has given me a huge creative and positive push. I’ve been working with a lot of inspiring people and I feel I've been writing my best work recently. I’m currently working with a production duo called Opera and they’re amazing!

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