Each episode of the new podcast series will see the nine-piece rap group focus on topics from songs on their forthcoming album Soft Spot.

The first episode "Sweets", sees Daughters of Reykjavík speak to IDER.

The podcast series tackles topics such as friendship, feminism, the music industry, and more, and will see Daughters of Reykjavík host guests such as Of Monster And Men's Nanna Bryndís, and more.

Daughters of Reykjavík's members include a sex therapist, glacier guide, actors, gay night club owner, radio host, graphic designer, and a sound engineer.

Earlier this month they unveiled new single "Fool’s Gold", the second track to be lifted from their Soft Spot LP.

The first episode of Daughters of Reykjavík: The Podcast is out now. Their Soft Spot album arrives in April via The Orchard, and they play Iceland Airwaves in November. Find out more.