"No One Changes" and "The Rockaways" are Oberst's first tracks since last year's Salutations record.

Delivered with Oberst's signature melancholic charm, the two new tracks revisit his stripped back sound that he provided on his 2016 album Ruminations.

Both the tracks were produced and engineered by Bryce Gonzales. "The Rockaways" features keyboard instrumentals from Bright Eyes member Nathaniel Walcott, who composed the soundtrack for 2014 movie The Fault In Our Stars.

The Bright Eyes frontman has been far from quiet; just last week he reunited with Phoebe Bridgers and Simone Felice to give his Juliet, Naked track "LAX" a new twist for Amazon Music's Produced By series.

"No One Changes" and "The Rockaways" are both available now on digital platforms. There's a 7" vinyl release arriving in February 2019. Find out more.