Hutson and Bridgers have worked together multiple times, with Hutson having co-wrote songs for her Better Oblivion Community Center project with Conor Oberst, and her boygenius project with Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus.

Now Bridgers is repaying that favour by taking on a producing role on Hutson's debut record.

Last year, Hutson shared a glimpse of Beginners with his "Northsiders" track, which will also feature on the LP, and today he's back with "Lose This Number".

As Stereogum notes, Hutson says of the new single, "I think "Lose This Number" is about someone fixating on the past, wishing they could go back and change things. My friends Zoe and Adam made fake rain, granny’s basement, dragged a mattress onto a rooftop, and vacuumed up thousands of feathers in order to bring their beautiful video for this song to life."


  1. Atheist
  2. Talk
  3. Lose This Number
  4. Unforgivable
  5. Northsiders
  6. Twin Soul
  7. Seven Lakes
  8. Get The Old Band Back Together
  9. Keep You Down
  10. Single For The Summer
"Lose This Number" is out now. Christian Lee Hutson's Beginners album arrives via ANTI- on 29 May, and is available to pre-order now.