"ACTION" was originally released by CHAI as the lead single from their third album WINK in January, and today (15 December) the group have unveiled an updated version of the track featuring Zazen Boys.

On Instagram, CHAI wrote of the collaboration, "ZAZEN BOYS remade "ACTION" from our 3rd Album WINK‼️ "ACTION" which only we can express, and "ACTION" which only Mukai can express. Both are cool. Mukai's take on "ACTION" is awesome, isn’t it⁉️ We think it’s fire. Thank you, Mukai-san. We love you."

The new version of "ACTION" with Zazen Boys follows Confidence Man's remix of "END" that arrived at the start of the month.

CHAI's new version of "ACTION" with Zazen Boys is out now, and will appear on their upcoming WINK TOGETHER remix EP due out next year.