"Little Runaway" is accompanied by a visual directed by Sophie Jones, and follows on from May's "I Can See The Change" single produced by Finneas, and January's "Stop This Flame".

Celeste says of her new outing, ""Little Runaway" is a song about losing your faith, even if just momentarily, and seeking answers from spirits and ghosts as nothing seems to make sense on this planet. My favourite line in the song is 'good news I could use some' - I believe everyone has a guardian angel, a protector, and this is me talking to mine. The verses actually started as this saxophone sample we were playing around with and eventually it transformed into the melody. I always play the sax back in my head even though it’s not in the song."

She's yet to follow up her 2019 EP Compilation 1.1.

Celeste's "Little Runaway" single is out now on Polydor Records.