Springsteen's 19th studio album Western Stars landed last month, and was his first album since 2014's High Hopes. The record scooped the top spot in the UK Albums Chart upon release.

Speaking to SiriusXM's Dave Marsh and Jim Rotolo earlier this month, Springsteen revealed that the new record has a companion film, which is largely a live performance of the record, "We made a film of the Western Stars album, where I play the record from start to finish along with some other things. We knew we weren’t going to tour, so I was looking for a way to get some of the music live to the audience."

The Western Stars film will be premiered in September at Toronto's International Film Festival.

Back in May, Springsteen revealed he's already written a new album for the E Street Band.

Bruce Springsteen's Western Stars film will be screened for the first time at Toronto's International Film Festival, which runs from 5-15 September. An exact premiere date is yet to be announced.