In 2017, Radiohead released OKNOTOK to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 1997 original. The 2017 edition featured B-sides and the three unreleased songs, "I Promise", "Man of War", and "Lift".

According to Reddit, there's 18 Minidiscs that make up the entire OK Computer sessions, which have been leaked online.

Fans have made a Google Doc listing the collection, which supposedly includes bedroom recordings, early studio versions, unreleased songs, early live/soundcheck versions, unmastered tracks, and more, one of which being an 11-minute version of "Paranoid Android".

The Reddit thread also discusses that the person who holds the entire collection is supposedly seeking someone to buy the collection for $150,000. As NME report, a user revealed that the person in possession of the material is asking for "$800 per studio track", and "$50 per live track."

While a lot of fans are astounded that so much material has leaked, some are furious that Radiohead's material has been stolen, "What we’re talking about is simply theft, and it is wrong. What makes it horrible is that the asshole is trying to PROFIT off of selling the band’s stolen work, which is perhaps the worst-case for this scenario."

Another wrote, "This is terrible. Get your very personal stuff stolen and distributed on the internet must be dreadful. Seriously, at times like this: fuck the internet, and especially fuck people who steal stuff that was never supposed to be heard. I’m so sorry for the band."

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