There’s some good news and some bad news. First, starting with the bad news, you’re all going to have to find another source of guilt-ridden enjoyment now that Azealia Banks has gone and deleted her all her tweets to date. The good news? Well, maybe she’ll actually finish recording her debut album now.

As Pigeons and Planes report, Banks – known for her Twitter beefs with the likes of Angel Haze, Baauer, Perez Hilton et al – has decided enough is enough following a recent (and quite homophobic) argument with A$AP Rocky and has handed her password over to her management and label.

“My days of twitter terror are about to be over,” she wrote on Friday. “I have to turn over my password.” That tweet has been deleted now too, and the account currently looks like your generic musician’s, along with iTunes links and promo posts.

One of the (currently two) existing tweets links to this, a new collab track with Rocky Business – streaming below. Banks’ debut album is still yet to be announced.