Allie Avital directed the clip for "World War Pt. 2". Two hairless bodies, contorted in an eternal, agonising embrace, duet as they seek romance. As they spasm and claw and jerk and twist into one being - masked as a pretty gymanastic session of tantric passion - the tortured expressions on their faces tell the true story.

The Age Of Transparency is out 2 October via Downtown. It follows 2013's Anxiety, which featured "Counting", which Ashin performed in session for us.

Watch the "World War Pt. 2" video below, and then check out the LP's tracklist afterwards.


1. On and On (Reprise)
2. Panic Room
3. Cold Winds
4. Age of Transparency
5. Switch Hitter
6. Never Wanted
7. World War Pt. 2
8. Over Now
9. Get Out