"plz don't waste my youth" is Au/Ra's first new material of 2022, following last month's "Frozen Halos", and is, according to Au/Ra, about "how young people kinda grow-up so quickly in today’s society."

Au/Ra continues, "I think seeing everyone’s highlight reel on social media has raised expectations on us. When you turn 18, you’re supposed to have figured out what you want from life, but that’s not how it works. Personally, I sometimes felt I wasn’t getting to enjoy the time I had as a teenager, because I was plagued with the worry of being successful enough and having it all figured out. It’s not always easy to cope with, especially when you’re already an anxious person. I just really wanted to express how difficult it can feel for young people and society’s expectations of them and yell about it."

The new song was written with CJ Baran (Carly Rae Jepson, Melanie Martinez), who also produced and mixed the track.

Back in August last year Au/Ra released her Soundtrack To An Existential Crisis project.

Au/Ra's "plz don't waste my youth" single is out now.