After teasing the new single last week, Olsen has finally unveiled her new cut "Whole New Mess" - the title-track for her follow up to last year's All Mirrors album.

A large portion of Whole New Mess will be familiar to those that enjoyed All Mirrors, as nine of the 11 tracks are stripped back, skeletal versions. "Whole New Mess" is one of two new tracks that will feature on the LP.

Olsen recorded Whole New Mess at The Unknown in Washington, a Catholic church converted into a recording studio by Mount Eerie's Phil Elverum and producer Nicholas Wilbur. Olsen says, "I hadn’t been to The Unknown, but I knew about its energy. I wanted to go sit with the material and be with it in a way that felt like a residency. I didn’t need a lot, since it was just me and a guitar. But I wanted someone else there to hold me accountable for trying different things."

She adds of the album, "I had gone through this breakup, but it was so much bigger than that - I’d lost friendships, too. When you get out of a relationship, you have to examine who you are or were in all the relationships. I wanted to record when I was still processing these feelings. These are the personal takes, encapsulated in a moment."


  1. Whole New Mess
  2. Too Easy (Bigger Than Us)
  3. (New Love) Cassette
  4. (We Are All Mirrors)
  5. (Summer Song)
  6. Waving, Smiling
  7. Tonight (Without You)
  8. Lark Song
  9. Impasse (Workin’ For The Name)
  10. Chance (Forever Love)
  11. What It Is (What It Is)
"Whole New Mess" is out now. Angel Olsen's Whole New Mess album is expected to arrive via Jagjaguwar on 28 August, and is available to pre-order now.