"Devil I Know" is the lead single from Cape God, and arrives after previous singles "Regulars", "Rings A Bell", "Fresh Laundry", and Troye Sivan collaboration "Love Me Wrong".

Allie X says of her new track, "The lyrics to "Devil I Know" follow my inner dialogue as I address my abuser directly. 'Everytime I take your lead feels like a curse. Everytime I try to stop, feels even worse. Baby you’re the devil I know. Better than the devil I don’t...' What the listener realizes as the song goes on, is that I am actually singing to myself as the perpetrator, inflicting all my own suffering. 'I could scream somebody help me out. But the wicked one is me.' This is a song about your own inner demons, how difficult it is to quiet them, and how easy it is to stay embraced in their arms."

Cape God will follow on from 2018's Super Sunset, and was recorded in Sweden with producer Oscar Görre.

Speaking about the forthcoming LP, Allie X adds, "Going into these buried feelings I had as a teenager was the perspective I chose to write this album from. It happened very naturally and without much thought once I started. As always, it was easiest to add an element of fantasy and aesthetic beauty to tell my story, and thus Cape God was born. If I had to make a mission statement for this record I would say: Cape God is a liminal space I created to explore my repressed feelings and perhaps create a different outcome."

"Devil I Know" is out now. Allie X's Cape God album will drop 21 February, and is available to pre-order now. She plays London's Heaven on 4 June. Find out more.