The Rytmus music school alumna’s new track sticks to the template she’s established on her previous work of airy synth-pop paired with fluid, acrobatic rhythm. What makes it stand out from where she’s tread before is the cut-loose chorus, soaring into the adventure of not knowing exactly where you’re going.

"My inspiration was the idea of being in a relationship with your passion: all the highs and lows, how far you’re willing to go to get your satisfaction, and the love for the lifestyle," says Jäger. "It’s a very bipolar lifestyle, to work and live with your passion. You don’t really have a finish line, and you can’t stop. It’s the very best thing you know, but it can be the very worst too.

“You keep doubting yourself, loving it, hating it, loving it. So I put it into the context of a relationship, where you have ups and downs, you fight, you love, you’re scared to lose each other so you’re willing to go very far to stay together, and life is never as good as when you’re by each others' side."

“I Don’t Even Know What I’m Saying” is out today through Chess Club Records. She plays 11 May at The Line Of Best Fit x Chess Club Records' stage at The Great Escape. Find Yaeger on Facebook.