Theodor Black’s woozy drawl plunges the listener into the cavernous ocean depths – falling into a dream-like state beneath the dappled underwater landscape. Bass synths boom out like a stuttering heartbeat as the track is submerged in waves of salty seawater.

Growing up in Greenwich, Black is acutely aware of the harmful stereotypes sometimes associated with young black men. Blending experimental hip-hop with his astute, pointed lyricism, he candidly draws attention to this systematic oppression: “As a black male, one of those complications is that as you get older you start to realise that society will hold you to certain stereotypes, such as being a drug dealer or being a criminal before you've even been given a chance,” he says.

“’Weekends’ is about a girl that I once had feelings for. I used to see her a lot during the weekends, but she broke my heart and that was that,” Theodor explains. “The feeling of love is so powerful but can sometimes be misconstrued. It might just be lust. But yeah, youth’s quite a funny thing.”

The track is accompanied by visuals co-directed by Theodor Black and Rosa Parry, enriched with luscious blue hues and aquatic underwater creatures.

“Weekends” is out now. Find Theodor Black on Facebook.