Following in the wake of recent outings - including the throbbing tones of “Company” and the dreamily ethereal “Honey” - “Tides” subverts expectations with its rhythmic pulse. Seamlessly straddling their space between the two previous tracks, their latest effort merges ticking percussion, sombre keys and psychedelic whorls to create a distinct melancholia. Inspired by the work of young climate change activist Greta Thünberg, “Tides” captures a sombre foreboding, whilst Jess’ haunting and glacial vocal shoots a beam of hope through the murk.

"'Tides' is a song about guilt. We wrote it in a hotel room in New York after watching those 24hr rolling news channels report on the wildfires in California,” share the duo of their latest work. “We were remembering songs like ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ or ‘Earth Song’ that we heard growing up and wondered if we could write our own song about the environment without it sounding too cheesy. It’s half a love song to Mother Nature, half an ode to people like Greta Thünberg who are raising awareness about climate change in such an incredible way."

”Tides” is available now via Bad Hacker. Follow THANDII on Instagram.